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Author Topic: Hips and Eyes  (Read 2154 times)
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« on: February 27, 2005, 05:05:36 PM »

  I definately love a bargain!  I am a female.  I am a shopper.  I saw this gorgeous blue sweater in a catalog that screamed "Mary" and had a price on it of $150. No way!!  Two months later I walked into a store and saw THE sweater, marked down, marked down again and now with a red dot. I walked out $28 poorer and estatic!!  I am wearing that sweater as I write.  Pleased

   Dogs go on sale in a pet store.  Reduced $695 reads the sign.  Whip out your Visa card and pay that much for a bundle of love that costs the owner of the pet store somewhere between $10 and $65.  Years later read a survey from owners of puppies / dogs purchased from pet stores, backyard breeders or the occassional breeder that says the average costs to that owner for health care  not including routine vet care is an average of $6500 over the shortened life span of that dog*.  You got yourself a bargain, didn't ya? *Dog Fancy 9/1996

   Responsible, dedicated breeders do things a bit differently.  First thing is most of them don't breed all the time. They usually breed because they  want something for themselves from a litter.  Even if they breed and don't want a pup, they have to accept responsibility and guard their reputation to their peers - all those other people in their parent club, their local kennel club - their other doggy friends!  

    Because of this - esp because of reputation - they are very health conscious, not about themselves, about their dogs!  

   I'll use me as an example. Lets say Tammy got a dog called Betty from me. You've watch Betty grow from a pup and hear Tammy rave about Betty's accoplishments in agility. You are thinking that the time is right for you to get a dog and I have a litter due next month.  But Tammy been a little concerned and confused about Betty lately.  She goes to the vet for Betty's annual exam and tells you that the vet sees the beginnings of PRA in one of her eyes. Betty is only 4 years old.  The vet tells Tammy that Betty will be totally blind in that eye within 2 yrs and they need to watch the other eye carefully as it probably will happen in that one.  Betty is an eskie who should live to the ripe old age of 15 or 16 years or more.  Would you buy a puppy from me?  Doubt it!!!

   So to protect myself I do many health screenings on my eskies.

 Optigen testing is very new. The cheapest I can get it done is $220 a dog.  If I can't get to a clinic it is $250 a dog. And that's for the test. It doesn't include having my vet drawn the blood or shipping a bioharzard container to the lab.  Add on another $50 minimum. Luckily it is a one time test.

 CERF testing is done in a clinic most of the time sponsored by a kennel club for lower costs.  Fee for the test is $25 or $30 per dog per year.  Raven is 9 yrs old and has been tested every year, so I have spent at least $200 for the eye vet to test her.  Then there is the cost to have the test registered by CERF; another $10 or $7.50 a year. Ra's total $263 just for CERF.

  OFA testing is an xray done at age 2 yrs and again a one time test.  Average for the xray is in my area $175. Double that if anesthesia is used.  I can't remember how much it costs for Purdue to register the results. Might be $25.

  So highest cost:
Optigen          $300
CERF (for RA)   263
OFA                 375
so that's $938 for one  of the two that must tango to produce a pup.
And that's only for those three tests.  I also do baseline and periodic tests for liver, kidney, chemical imbalances and hormones like thyroid.

   Ra has for me only produced 3 puppies. There is more to breeding and whelping and raising a litter then health tests.  

    Im one of those people responsible and dedicated to the future of the eskie being an eskie.  I am not in this to make money. Call me dumb. I'm trying to save you money.              
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Mary in the Northern Neck of VA

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« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2005, 05:23:19 PM »

having a puppy miller and a reskie, i have no clue what awaits me in their grown up years as far as health. i am hoping that i got all my *pet bad luck* over with on my poor mitts  Frown  and these 2 pups will be much luckier than kitty.  

when we went for snowball i had no idea where pet store dogs came from. we saw her she was cute, we did go home and do some brief research before getting her, adn i can say that had i looked even farther into eskies i would surely have gotten one (two) no matter what.  when i asked why some of the dogs were marked down like last week's bread (she was not yet) it was due to age. a 4 m/o puppy is a price cut from a 3 m/o.

i like to think we have 2 reskies- one just happens to be a pet store reskie. i wouldnt trade snowball kisses for the world, and i would do it again knowing/having her as i do now, but i am sad that we made it possible for another pup to take her place in that crate.

i now make it my crusade to educate people, any who will listen, about where pet store dogs come from, and how they live prior to the store.  even pj is in on it. once i clued him in to it, he was appalled. a woman he works with got a mini doxie from a store. turns out she wants another one. i beg him to tell her to go to rescue. he did, and she ends up at the same petstore.

there was an expose the other nite on the news, a miller, in lancaster pa (imagine that) who has been sued, shut down, given warnings, fines, out to wazoo. and she is still mass prodicing dogs. my friend called, screaming 'theres a snowball on the commercial for the news!!!'  guess shes got eskies or sammies, it was hard to tell.

i ramble...

its all very sad.

Snoopy, Resident Eskie
Snowball 7.12.03~6.7.13

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