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Author Topic: Bark Collar - Questions and Effectiveness  (Read 2958 times)
Cool Dog
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« on: September 09, 2014, 10:10:33 AM »

I'm having a major issue with Luca and his barking.  It's gotten bad enough that the neighbors are complaining so something needs to be done.

I am looking at getting the Pet Safe little/small dog bark collar.  Does anyone have any experience or success stories with this on an Eskie?  Wondering about the size (my guys is a mini, 22lbs) and his fur (does it work with a furry neck??).

I have an infant and cannot put tremendous time/effort into training (treats/distraction/etc) and need a solution that will work!


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« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2014, 08:33:05 PM »

I've had great luck using the spray bark collar.  Check out this article about their effectiveness.

I like the fact of a smaller version because I use this style formerly known as the Innotek brand.  It's nice to have an on/off switch because it helps save the battery.  Also, make sure you have an extra battery and an extra can of spray too.  Doesn't take long to go through them especially when the dog is first learning.

Make sure you have the collar snug and right under the chin area.  Too loose and it won't spray in the proper direction and might not pick up all the barking.

Found the info on the collar you are asking about.  Looks like a nice outfit.
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« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2014, 07:41:12 AM »

I went this route with BLu.  Got him a PetSafe Bark Collar and winded up returning it, when it kept zapping him, even after he stopped barking.  I was walking him and he started barking at a passing dog and it went off... never stopped zapping him.  Sounded like he was being murdered and he was in pain.... I could not get the thing off him fast enough.    I purchased the one that was suppose to start off easy and then get stronger if they did not stop.  It went directly to the highest level and would not turn off.      I returned it as quickly as I could to the store where I purchased it.    With that said... it was probably defective.  It did work for a several weeks, before this incident occured.  I even placed it around my wrist and felt the lower level zaps.  It was not bad.    But... since there is a chance of them not stopping (defective) then I swore never to go that route again.

If you decide to use it... you will need to shave his neck where the collar goes.  It needs to be against the skin to be effective.    I would go with the one that Sharon suggests.  More human.

But bottom line:  Eskies bark!  It's a difficult thing to get them to stop doing, as it's part of their DNA.  They are alert dogs who like to alert.   Nothing works better than taking the time then "managing" the behavior.    Personally I want my dogs to bark (warn me that someone is approaching or something is not right)..... just not accessively and I manage the situations.   If you keep them in the back yard, allowed to bark, then ya, I  see that would make for upset neighbor.  Mine know if they start barking outside, they get brought back into the house really quickly.   I have four(4) and live in a TownHouse community.   THey bark, I stop what I am doing, I go see why.. if it's just nusense barking, then they get to come in the house and not get to play outside anymore.   Simple, fast and keeps the neighbors happy.   

Good Luck! 


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