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Author Topic: Bake a Bone: has anyone tried this out?  (Read 6262 times)
Cool Dog
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« on: October 07, 2013, 10:43:39 AM »

What do you think of the recipes?  Bake-a-bone looks like a waffle maker but instead of waffle shapes it has 4 bone indentations instead.  It is used to make dog treats with ingredients most people have on hand and you know what's going in them.

I got one on sale at Petsmart (it was about $23.00) - I bought it with the intention of baking "human" recipes in doggy bone shapes but ended up using it for what it was intended and making doggy treats instead.  I halved the recipes (since the whole recipe makea about 30 bones) and made the peanut butter bones and the banana bones.  Panda loves them and goes crazy when I open up the bag.  They smell amazing (like PB cookies or banana bread) but they don't taste like much to us humans.  They must taste much differently to dogs though cuz mine loves it and I brought some to work for colleagues' dogs and have gotten raves there too.

Now my question: is whole wheat flour bad for dogs? - since most recipes have either whole wheat flour or all purpose (I use whole wheat for Panda's cookies) and they have spices in there too - I recall cinnamon and garlic powder - I know garlic isn't good for dogs so I don't intend to use that but is cinnamon okay?  What about milk?  The recipes call for a about a cup of milk per recipe - I know I could use water instead but is using milk okay?

They don't last long (about a week or so) if you keep them out but if you freeze them, they'll last longer.  Anyone tried this?  Any recommendations for must do recipes?

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« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2013, 10:57:08 AM »

no but it looks cute. and handy. i have made homemade biscuits but what a pain, rolling out and cutters, rolling out and cutters, etc.

most of the recipies i have made use either WW flour or milk. i try to use WW if i can but i think either is ok. i use honey instead if suger also for some sweetness and you can grind up carrots too. i think i used flour, egg, honey, PB and iced with yougert.

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